Die-cut Drafting Templates
Timely Drafting Templates, your home for a wide range of professional grade drafting templates all die-cut. Whether you are a home designer, draftsmen, jewelry designer, landscaper, football coach, electrician, quilter, surveyor, flow planner or police accident report specialist, Timely Drafting Templates are the right choice for you.

Foreign customers, please contact us for correct shipping charges. We will invoice you for the correct amount.

With mating steel dies made in our shop: This more costly tooling method ensures smooth uniform cut-outs. The pin-point centering holes built right into the die allows accurate positioning –– much more precise than printed lines.

A little rotary cutter goes around each hole: The quality varies. Often the cutouts have rough edges and nicks where the cutter changes direction. Due to round cutter, there is no square inside corners.

We can produce according to your needs!

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