0.5mm tiffany blue mechanical pencil


Product parameters

Price: $0.3, (the price of 1 pieces)
Brand: PHOEN
Model: 0.5mm
Length: 142mm
Pencil lead: 0.5X60mm
Weight: 15G
Colors: tiffany blue
Style:Penholder Lelo Triangle

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Accept color customization!

Minimalist design, simplicity is not simple!

Portable and easy to carry, comfortable to grip, thread anti slip, anti break function, metal design

Ergonomic gravity design, stable and comfortable writing, suitable for jewelry design

And other types of art design, drawing, comic design, writing, and more! Lightweight and elegant!

PHOEN Jewelry design 0.5mm mechanical pencil
tiffany blue


1.Keep it safe and do not let infants and young children play with it!

2.Do not use this product to stab or attack other people or objects, as it may cause harm!

3.Do not use alcohol or corrosive chemicals to scrub the surface;

4.Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature baking or burning!

5.Avoid using deformed or damaged products to measure items, as it may cause errors!

  1. Do not use this product under abnormal conditions!